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Taiwan-Malaysia Green Event: Building Sustainable Alliances for a Greener Future

“Wow! Taiwan Project” and CDRI Hold Two-Way Interactive Green Event for Malaysian Businesses From the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs,) Paris Agreement, Glasgow Climate Pact and such, one can see environmental sustainability and net zero policy planning by governments of different countries. Malaysia has proposed the Malaysia Renewable Energy Roadmap (MyRER) as well as the 12th Malaysia Plan in order to alleviate pollution and ensure environmental protection and green sustainability. This has also resulted in the need for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in addition to green products. Taiwanese businesses have had many successful experiences in environmental protection and waste recycling; they have sufficient ability to assist New Southbound countries in solving energy, regeneration, and pollution issues.
Valuing the Malaysian market, the Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI) will be holding a two-way interactive event, “Wow! Taiwan Project: 2023 Bio-Circular-Green Solution Demo Day,” at the Element Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia on August 10th, 2023. Twelve outstanding Taiwanese businesses have been invited to the event, with their solutions including eco-friendly plant-based utensils, recycled plastic green building materials, waste recycling equipment, recycled raw materials, sewage and wastewater treatment equipment, industrial drying equipment, and more. Because of their technological innovations, these Taiwanese businesses are able to come up with highly customized and diverse products; their equipment also come with various series systems that can provide the market with more integrated and innovated products as well as solutions.
The event is held in cooperation with public associations including the Waste Management Association of Malaysia (WMAM) and the Sarawak ICT Association; local representatives, key Malaysian buyers, and Taiwanese businesses will be attending the event. The goal is for businesses and professionals from different fields to interact and share experiences as well as resources through the two-way event so they can acknowledge trends and opportunities in the New Southbound market while looking for partnerships to achieve resource-sharing, complementary advantages, and raise overall competitiveness. The event is expected to attract numerous key Malaysian buyers and receive widespread response.
“Wow! Taiwan Project” will continue to promote 1-on-1 online matching service. Malaysian businesses only need to register online, and the project will provide them with 1-on-1 online consulting service with Taiwanese suppliers. Malaysian buyers looking for new business opportunities can visit and register to match with Taiwanese businesses they are interested in.


有鑑於對馬來西亞市場的重視,經濟部國際貿易局委託財團法人商業發展研究院 Commerce Development Research Institute(簡稱「商研院CDRI」)於2023年8月10日於馬來西亞吉隆坡Element Kuala Lumpur飯店舉辦「Wow! Taiwan Project:2023 Bio-Circular-Green Solution Demo Day」雙邊交流活動,本次活動號召12家臺灣優秀業者參與,包括綠色環保植物餐具、以再生塑料打造的環保綠色建材、廢棄物回收處理設備、再生原料、汙廢水處理設備、工業製程乾燥設備等相關解決方案。我國業者因產品技術創新,能提供高度客製化及多元化的產品,設備也具有多元系統串聯的能力,能提供市場更具整合性及創新的產品與解決方案。
該活動更與馬來西亞The Waste Management Association of Malaysia (WMAM) 、Sarawak ICT Association 等公協會合作,現場將有當地公協會會員代表、馬來西亞代表性買主以及台灣業者一同與會。希望能藉此雙邊活動,讓不同行業的企業和專業人士能夠相互交流、分享經驗和資源,了解新南向市場的動態和機會,並尋找合作機會,實現資源的共享和優勢互補,提高整體競爭力。該活動預計能吸引不少馬來西亞代表性買主出席並獲得廣大迴響。
「WOW! Taiwan Project專案」將持續推動線上一對一媒合服務,馬來西亞業者只要透過專案網站註冊,專案將提供馬來西亞業者與臺灣廠商線上一對一的媒合洽談服務。想尋找新商機的馬來西亞買主可上網(瀏覽並註冊,與感興趣的台灣業者進行一對一媒合。

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