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The Sarawak ICT Association (SICTA) boasts four branches located in Kuching, Sibu, Miri, and Bintulu in Sarawak, with nearly 200 business entities as members. Our mission is to accelerate the development of a robust digital economy and facilitate digital transformation aligned with the state's initiatives. We serve as a bridge for local businesses, a contact point for foreign importers, and a reliable platform for government agencies. Our goal is to elevate and enhance the industry players to meet the state's expectations in a thriving and constantly expanding society. We aim to enable digital transformation together in a strategic thrust and foster a healthy and competitive environment for growing the economy to its maximum capacity.

Our Vision

We strive to promote Sarawak's economic growth and improve quality of life and infrastructure through future technology development. We also prioritize strengthening the cultivation of local talents and encourage the use of ICT technology to build a smarter, safer, more organized, and more livable Sarawak. As a socially responsible platform, we aspire to be recognized as trustworthy and reliable, consistently exceeding customer and user expectations while fostering innovation. We are committed to contributing to the growth and development of the Malaysian tech ecosystem.  

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SICTA Committee

Central Chairman
Wong Ing Ang
Vice Chairman
Foo Shau Lung
Sibu Chairman
Wong Ing Ang
Vice Chairman
Laura Uh
Vice Chairman
John Lee
CWC Secretary
Sean Liak
CWC Committee
Albert Jee
CWC Committee
Jackson Ngui
CWC Committee
Anthony Law
CWC Committee
Ting Tiew Hua
CWC Committee
Lee Lei Kiak
CWC Committee
Yong Chee Tak
CWC Treasurer
Jacky Jong

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