SICTA Memberships

We are here to serve our members and to unify and promote our industry (ICT) to a higher level to meet our National vision. We also represent our members as one voice in our official capacity when engaging government official. Currently our members consist of :

  • Suppliers of computer hardware and software
  • Networks and communication equipment
  • Customized software and solution providers
  • Computer maintenance and after sales services
  • ICT educational and consultancy services

Membership Benefits

It is important to note when you join as member you are invariably playing an important role in shaping the future of ICT development in Sarawak. It is very apparent that membership has its benefits. Below are some:

  • Government’s recognition as an ICT player in Sarawak via our local YBs and officials
  • We are invited by the CEO of ICT Planning Unit in the Chief Minister Department to jointly write a working paper to be presented in the state legislative assembly for the ICT industry to be recognized as an industry in the state of Sarawak. With proper recognition by the State Government, SICTA Sarawak will be invited to sit in various activities and project that the State will embark on and this will open doors for member companies to participate in those activities.
  • We are affiliated to PIKOM who are represented in many Government Bodies.
  • Information are disseminated to members first
  • Members are given priority when there are organized events.
  • Discounts are given to members when activities are organized by us.
  • Better relationships with your contemporary industry players.
  • Work together to get better pricing from suppliers.
  • Participate in trade fairs to promote your company.
  • Networked members to provide a more informed and conducive buyer and seller relationship.