Front Row (From Left):

Wong Ing Ang (Vice Chairman), Sean Liak Jin Seng (Vice Chairman), Alex Jong Choon Teck (Chairman), Albert Lee Swee Soon (Vice Chairman)

Back Row (From Left):

Ngui Ee Ming (Treasurer), Law Sieh Hieng, Ho Kid Leong, Yong Chee Tak, Yong Soon Yee, Lee Lei Kiat, Lee Kim Seng (Secretary)


The Central Working Committee (CWC) of Sarawak ICT Association (SICTA) is made up of 3 representatives each from Sibu Branch, Miri Branch, Bintulu Branch and Kuching Branch.  All together,  we have 12 Central Working Committee members.

The Chairman of the Central Committee is to be elected by rotation among the Chairman of the branches and affiliated association for one term (2 years) and the term of office is as follows:

  1. 1st Term  – Mr. Wong Chi Tieng (2003-2004)
  2. 2nd Term – Mr. Alex Jong Choon Teck (2005-2006)
  3. 3rd Term –  Mr. Michael Kho Chung Kang (2007-2008)
  4. 4th Term – Mr. Wong Chi Tieng (2009-2010)
  5. 5th Term – Mr. Victor Kuan Wai Teck (2011-2012)
  6. 6th Term – Mr. Lee Kim Seng (2013-2014)
  7. 7th Term – Mr. Nicky Yong Kheng Ling (2015-2016)
  8. 8th Term – Mr. Wong Chi Tieng (2017-2018)
  9. 9th Term – Mr Alex Jong Choon Teck (2019-2020)

The Rules & Constitution of SICTA allows independent management of branch finances and in carrying out the activities beneficial to their members at each branch while the CWC deals with matters which affect the ICT industry at State & National Level.